SKYN® Selection non-latex condoms
Assortment of condoms

Variety of sensations: SKYN® Selection Variety pack features 3 types of assorted lubricated non-latex condoms including 3 Original, 3 Intense Feel and 3 Extra Lube condoms.

SKYNFEEL™ material: All SKYN® condoms are made with SKYNFEEL® material, a technologically advanced non-latex material that is barely noticeable but really strong.

Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant.

SKYN® Selection is a selection of 3 different types of condoms: SKYN® Original for natural feeling, SKYN® Intense Feel for intense sensations and SKYN® Extra Lubricated for maximum comfort.

All of these condoms are made from SKYNFEEL®, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation. It feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to really feel everything.

Includes 3 types of condoms
– 3 types of condoms to find out how you like to feel everything.

53 mm nominal width
– Nominal width is the diameter at the open end of a condom. 53 mm corresponds to a standard sizing. Ensure you get the best fit by checking your nominal width.

Natural colour
– Generally transparent condoms.
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