SKYN® Large non-latex condoms
Longer and wider

SKYN® Large condoms are longer and wider than our regular Elite condoms for an exceptionally sensitive and sensual feeling as well as enhanced comfort.

Extra Comfort: the bigger size and the silky smooth lubrication gives you the best and most comfortable experience.

Ultra-thin: SKYN® Large condoms are 15% thinner than our SKYN® Original condoms.

With a nominal width of 56 mm, SKYN® Large are, as you might have guessed, larger and longer than our standard condoms, for extra comfort.

This new generation of condom is made from SKYNFEEL®, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation. It feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to really feel everything.

56 mm nominal width
– Nominal width is the diameter at the open end of a condom. SKYN Large condoms have the largest nominal width of our condoms, so if you’ve ever felt tight in regular-sized condoms, try these.

Silicone-based & non spermicidal lubricant
– Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant.

Natural colour
– Generally transparent condoms.
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