SKYN® Elite non-latex condoms
The thinnest SKYN® condom

SKYN® Elite ultra-thin and ultra-soft condoms are designed for an exceptionally sensitive and sensual feeling.

Ultra-thin: SKYN® Elite condoms are 15% thinner than our SKYN® Original condoms.

Ultra-soft: Non-latex condoms made from SKYNFEEL® material, a revolutionary material which feels so soft and comfortable, you can feel everything. They also allow for a great fit to your shape for maximum comfort.

Ultra Soft and Ultra Thin Condoms for an exceptionally sensitive feeling, SKYN Elite condoms take the intimate experience to the next level. This isn’t just a box of condoms. This is the closest thing to wearing nothing.

20% thinner than SKYN Original Condoms
– Reduced barriers to pleasure for you and your partner.

53 mm nominal width
– Nominal width is the diameter at the open end of a condom. 53 mm corresponds to a standard sizing. Ensure you get the best fit by checking your nominal width.

Silicone-based and non spermicidal lubricant
– Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant.
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