SKYN® 5 Senses 5 pack of non latex condoms
Five of the finest SKYN experiences

1 × Intense Feel - wave textured condom
1 × Cocktail Club - Passion Daiquiri flavoured condom
1 × Elite - premium thin condom, 20% thinner than the Original SKYN
1 × Hot - condom lubricated with 'warming gel'
1 × Cool - condom lubricated with a 'cooling gel'

Discover 5 captivating and exciting sensations: this box includes an Intense Feel textured condom, a Cocktail Club Daiquiri Passion scented condom, an ultra-thin premium Elite condom, a condom lubricated with a soft feeling of heat gel, a lubricated condom with shivering gel.

53 mm nominal width
– Nominal width is the diameter at the open end of a condom. 53 mm corresponds to a standard sizing. Ensure you get the best fit by checking your nominal width.

Silicone-based & non spermicidal lubricant
– Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant.

5 different condoms and 5 different sensations
– Includes thinness, raised dots, a cocktail, one hot gel and one cool gel!
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