Mister Size Condoms 10-Pack 69 mm

Mister Size Condoms 10-Pack 69 mm

MISTER SIZE 69 – pure feel


  • ideal fit for passionate sex - even for the big boys
  • a secure and snug fit without constriction
  • ultra-thin (0.06 mm) - for pure intensity
  • smooth & transparent
  • made of natural rubber latex
  • nominal width of 69 mm


As well as responsibility and care during sex, men with a heavyweight penis naturally also need the right condom; which can be troublesome to find — until now. Fortunately, MISTER SIZE 69 is just like a personal tailor-made suit. It closely hugs your best piece like a second skin and lets you fully experience moments of intensity and pleasure. No annoying side effects, only pure feeling.

Easy-Going Experience Thanks to Personal Condom Size

Contraception quickly becomes a burden when the task of getting a condom on is troublesome and takes the greatest of effort, likely just because it is simply too tight. However, because MISTER SIZE always accommodates your personal penis size, the condom and your
manhood come together perfectly, producing a lovely sexual experience: carefree, natural and intense.

MISTER SIZE – 7 Condom Sizes for Better Sex

With MISTER SIZE you can choose from seven different condom sizes, starting from a width of 47 mm all the way to 69 mm wide. To discover your ideal size, use the MISTER SIZE measuring tape or the practical MISTER SIZER.

Your MISTER SIZE 69. Available in Three Different Pack Sizes

Not only does MISTER SIZE take your individual needs and size into account, it also has the perfect package size for you. So, no matter if it‘s for an impulsive quickie, a casual rendezvous or wild passionate, head over heels in-love sex, the choice is yours.

  • 3 pieces - to try out in the field
  • 10 pieces - for your following nights of love
  • 36 pieces - a stockpile for optimists and smart shoppers

A little tip: Have you found the size you want? Then why not stock up and order several packs, so you don‘t have to soon buy again? Plus, you save on shipping costs.

Proven Quality

MISTER SIZE gives you a whole new feeling during sex while at the same time offering optimal safety. All MISTER SIZE condoms comply with the DIN standard EN ISO 4074:2002 and are subject to careful testing. Having a condom with optimal safety breeds confidence and certainty which allows you both to totally relax and let go during love-making. You can find more about our quality standards in the four basic principles of MISTER SIZE.

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