Anal plug is ideal for love foreplay, it will help to get used to new sensations and relax before the sexual act. It is very pleasant to the touch, easily penetrated due to the narrowed tip and securely held thanks to the comfortable base. Additional stimulation is provided by a built-in vibrobullet and adds a pleasant feeling. The vibrobullet is easily removed from the silicone toy and can be used separately.

Medical silicone

● 7 vibration modes
● Controlled by 1 button
● The tip narrowing to the top
● Unisex
● Bullet’s easy to remove and insert
● Powered by 1 AAA battery (not included)
● Total length = 10 cm, Working length = 7.6 cm, Max diameter = 3.8 cm

1. Before the first usage remove the bullet by pulling on it
2. Unscrew the bullet cover and insert 1 AAA battery inside of it by checking the polarities. Screw the cover back on. To reduce the amount of environment harmful waste, please use storage batteries instead of regular batteries.
3. With the bullet taken off, rinse the plug in warm water and treat it with a special toy cleaner Love Protection. The plug can be boiled for better sterilization (But the bullet must be extracted. If you boil or immerse a plug with bullet in water, it will cause the device to break)
4. Put the bullet back to the plug.
4. Apply a little amount of lubricant to the toy. The toy is compatible with lubricant on any basis. For anal stimulation, we recommend using a silicone-based lubricant.
5. Gently insert the toy into the anus.
6. Press the button on the cover of the vibrobullet for two seconds to turn on the vibration.
7. To switch the mode – lightly press the button again.
8. Have fun.
7. To turn off the vibration – press the button for two seconds once again.
8. Don’t forget to remove the bullet before cleaning the toy.
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