Lola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 Yellow
Lola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 YellowLola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 YellowLola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 YellowLola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 YellowLola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 Yellow

Lola Fantasy Ducky 2.0 Yellow

Ducky 2.0 vacuum wave stimulator with a powerful motor and 10 suction modes as well as the rewinding mode button, create air flow and pressure around the clitoris, which promotes blood flow to this area, thereby increasing its sensitivity and giving an orgasm. At the same time, it does not touch the head of the clitoris itself and does not rub it, but allows to feel the right stimulation in the right place.

Ducky 2.0 is IPX7 water-resistant, allowing for multiple orgasms even underwater. The magnetic charging feature charges the toy in just one hour, while its low noise level and ample charging volume provide comfort during usage anywhere and anytime. Made from eco-friendly hypoallergenic silicone, this device is incredibly soft to the touch. Experience the full range of pleasant sensations with Ducky 2.0!

Hypoallergenic Silicone

● Super-powerful motor
● Can be used underwater or in the shower
● 10 vibration modes
● Magnetic charging
● Waterproof standard IPX7
● Charging/Running time: 60min/90min
● Nozzle diameter 1,5 cm

How to Use
● To turn the device on press the button for 3 sec - it'll activate and start vibrating.
● Click the same button to change modes.
● For the most comfortable use, we recommend to add lubricant (avoid oil-based lubricants, they can damage the material).
● To rewind modes press the bottom button.
● To turn the device off press the button for 3 sec.
● Please always clean the product before and after each use. Wash the silicone part with water and soap or toy cleaner, pat it dry with a lint-free towel. Do not use cleaners containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.
● Store the product in a dust-free place. Avoid direct sunlight and do not expose it to extreme heat.

How to Charge
● Insert the USB end of the power cable into a USB port, connecting magnetic charging.
● DO NOT use the product while charging.
● Please try to use the original power cable only and excellent quality USB adapter.
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